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Tips to Optimize Your Listing

1. List Each Space

If you created one listing for all your spaces (theatre, studio, meeting room, etc.), you saved a little time but you’re missing out on the unique attributes of each space connecting to renter searches. Free listings are unlimited and the “clone” listing feature saves you time. List each space!

2. Enter Rental Rates

One of the top search criteria used by renters is rental rate. If you haven’t entered rental rates (at least a minimum or average) for your space, you are definitely missing out on being matched to renters.

3. Add Photos/Videos

Help renters imagine their event in your space. Upload photos of empty space as well as your space in use. Have a great video tour of your space? Add that too!

4. Promote Empty Time Slots

Makes it easier for new renters to discover you by promoting your up-to-date empty time slots. All it takes is uploading a link to the digital calendar you use to manage your rentals.

5. Ask for a Free Consult

We aren’t just here for you when you have an issue with the site, we also help you get the most out of it! Contact us for help on how to best promote your space and attract renters.

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