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Lamplighters Music Theatre

469 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA, 94107

This is a busy, multi-purpose space that houses a costume shop and administrative offices for two opera companies in addition to the rehearsal space. Some of the floor space is sometimes taken up for storage, so be sure to check in advance to be sure there's room for you.

Dimensions listed (approx. 23'x30') refer to the wooden rehearsal floor itself. The piano does not normally intrude into this space, and there is some additional "offstage" space to sit. Please note that our wooden rehearsal floor is not in the greatest of shape so footwear is necessary to avoid splinters.

Ceiling is vaulted, more than 20' at center, but usable vertical space stops at 14'.

Sun-Thursday evenings are generally booked for Lamplighters approx 24 weeks/yr.; Saturdays and weekdays during the day are frequently available.

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